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Sam Boyd's Custom Made Surfborads

All of our boards are designed and tested by top professional surfers. With over 50 years combined surfing experience, and over 30 international contest titles, when you buy a board from us, you know that you are getting a premium product. All boards are custom made to your exact requirements. We are only to happy to lead you through the manufacturing process, to ensure that we will build the correct board for your needs.

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The Beach of Homunga

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Hawaii Surfboard Championship

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Miami Metro Surfday

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Miami Surf-Con

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Warm Sunset at Goa

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On The Waves

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Connors Stellar Year Continues

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Boyd's boards on bbcOur surfboard team's Connor Griffiths capped off a fantastic summer by securing sponsorship from O'neill Wetsuits.

Connor started off the year with a bang by winning the Welsh Junior Longboard title as well as making the final of both the u16 and u18 shortboard titles.

He then got himself a top 6 finish at the Junior Eurosurf in Poetugal . He won the Blu u16 division in Watergate and placed 2nd in two other rounds of the British circuit to finish 2nd overall for the year.

And finally, he did the double at last weekends Porthcawl Classic by not only winning the u18 longboard title but by also taking home the u18 shortboard title too!! And I thought I was the Gutsy one in my Family!

Sweet Surfing in Homanga

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boards for kidsHomunga Bay Beach is a sandy beach on North Island island (New Zealand). This coastal area is washed by the waters of the Tasman Sea. It is located in the northeastern part of the island, 40 km from Tauranga.

At the outskirts of the village of Whiritoa, some 9 km from its center. It is a medium-sized beach, whose length is approximately 200 metres. As for swimming, the water in this part of the coastal area is nice clean.

Our company sponsers the annual event called Sweet Surfing at Homunga ever year since 2001.

Hundread surf enthusiasts take part in the week long festival with waves, beer and lots of surfing.

Access to the sea is easy because the Homunga Bay Beach is inclined towards the water very slightly. The beach is of natural origin and was created by erosion. The locality is open for tourists and general public.

If you are an early bird , you can experience a gigantic sunrise here. Consider the low attendance at this locality, it is one of very important factors if you search for something specific . The coast is interesting due to the ragged look. Visit our gallery to see pictures of the event...

Boards for Kids

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boards for kidsKids "learner" boards, much like an adult starting out, need to have enough volume to both catch a wave and then have the stability in order to stand up. The sizing depends on their age and size.

These boards need to be long, wide and thick, relative to the riders size. Most people will start by hiring a 'soft top' (see soft tops) that are particularly user friendly as they have a foam deck and dont hurt! These boards are ideal for catching waves and offer the most stability when trying to stand up. There are many learner boards on the market such as NSP's and Pop Outs that are injection molded plastic boards.

These are usually robust and hard wearing but tend to be a lot heavier than a custom board (made from foam and fibre glass). This can cause problems with smaller children trying to surf as they'll physically struggle with these weightier boards.. Some times a 'foam and fibreglass' board is the solution. However you'll notice that the 'plastic' boards tend to be cheaper.

Whatever type of board you go for, be it a new custom board or a molded board, your board will need to be of the same sort of size. Kids learner boards are usually between 6'6" and 7'6". The easiest way to look at it, is to imagine that a 7'0" is ideal for an average 12 year old.

This isn't to say a child cant surf on something smaller or something bigger either. There's a good chance a child will be able to stand up on something smaller, but then will struggle to catch waves on their own. The problem going too much bigger is that they wont be able to physically handle the board in the water.