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I design websites, travel, write, read, make short films, day dream, cook and try to make futile attempts to loose weight. I love tea, beer, 3D films, Harry Potter, trains, park benches, Bollywood & 90s music and street food.

Here is my Pinterest board to places I want to go and here is my YouTube channel which heavily needs subtitles. For my friends, I am on Facebook and if you wish to connect to me professionally, follow me on Twitter or join me on LinkedIn.

Dushyant Kanungo


About Me

Designs for me are a way to make my soul and heart washed in colors. The colors, which cannot be seen but imagined, the colors of imagination, the colors of triumph and joy and the colors of peace and love.

My name is Dushyant Kanungo and I am a Milton Keynes (UK) based Web & User Experience Designer with expertise in Search Engine Optimization & Project Management. It has been over ten years since I adopted web as a medium for my career and creative satisfaction. Working for USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, France, Canada, Singapore and India, what I learned is, if a design can satisfy the hunger of empty eyes and heart, it's a good design.

Working for clients or managers or bosses added an extra dimension to my creative skills. I have to design for their needs, but also have to satisfy the hunger of my creativity.

I was born in central India on 24th December 1982 in a family of teachers. My father once told me, "Birds fly, because they wish to. Never worry by any obstacle you see in your path. It only takes the wish... to fly!"

That was the best advice I ever recieved.

The journey of life has taken me to places far and away from my roots and filled my visions with a unique perspective. From an incredible and colorful nation to the very heartland of Europe, the shades are now vibrant than ever!